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Jan 4, 2014 2:00am PST
your breath. today republicans in the form of eric cantor tipped their hands with regard of how the health care battle will be fought in 2014. it seems like a repeat of 2013 rather than a negotiation. the gop spent the bulk of last year trying to repeal the entirety of the president's health care law. when that didn't work, they tried to defund it in mid-september. when that didn't work, they tried to delay it. by september 30th on the eve of government shutdown, they tried to delay just the individual mandate which failed. by mid-october, it was clear it was a disaster for the party. so they scaled back their demands, trying for a symbolic victory to repeal the law's medical device tax which also failed. by mid-november, they had abandoned outright attempts to kill the law, instead trying to ease restrictions on so-called junk insurance plans as a way to disrupt the law. and that didn't work. so today party leadership outlined a new strategy for 2014. according to a party memo from house majority leader eric cantor, the plan is to introduce legislation to, quote, strengthen sec
Jan 3, 2014 4:00pm PST
republicans in the form of eric cantor tipped their hands with regard of how the health care battle will be fought in 2014. it seems like a repeat of 2013 rather than a negotiation. the gop spent the bulk of last year trying to repeal the entirety of the president's health care law. when that didn't work, they tried to defund it in mid-september. when that didn't work, they tried to delay it. on september 30th on the eve of government shutdown, they tried to delay just the individual mandate which failed. by mid-october, it was clear it was a disaster for the party. so they tried to repeal the law's medical device tax which also failed. by november they had abandoned outright attempts to kill the law instead trying to ease restrictions on so-called junk insurance plans as a way to disrupt the law. and that didn't work. so today party leadership outlined a new strategy for 2014. according to a party memo from house majority leader eric cantor, the plan is to introduce legislation to, quote, strengthen security requirements of the website including a law to require the government to p
Jan 25, 2014 10:00am EST
today. a lifelong virginia resident tom the eric cantor has represented the seventh congressional district of virginia since 2000 one. currently in his second term as majority leader, he is an ardent pro-life for. [applause] >> good afternoon. thank you. thank you very much for being here today. inc. you were braving the unbelievably cold temperatures. thank you for coming to give voice to our cause of protecting life. i especially want to welcome those from the commonwealth of virginia, the southern district in particular. i believe one day in the not- too-distant future, our movement will be victorious, because we will prevail in securing a culture of life in america. i believe this for one very simple reason. the truth is, there is an unalienable right to life. this extends to the unborn. this is not a political truth subject to the whims of man. this was written as one they miss virginian noted by our creator. all attempts to rewrite or obscure the truth may prevail in the moment but will ultimately fail. you, but marchers and advocates who do not mind enduring the worst wheth
FOX Business
Jan 24, 2014 11:00am EST
exodus. live from doll close. eric cantor on the world economy. all that and more coming up on this hour of markets now. ♪ connell: it is ugly out there today. dagen: on emerging markets. it still hurts here. you big freak. stocks looking at their worst week in eight months. nicole petallides is at the new york stock exchange. nicole:, 160 points here on wall street. a loss of about 1%. we are watching foreign currencies. we are watching a show. it has come under pressure. the dow is down about 150 points. the s&p 500 down 1.1%. we continue to see the vix jumping. you continue to see the flight for safety for gold and the like. also, the ten year treasury 3.7%. microsoft came out with their quarterly number. profit on the rise. the stock has gotten several upgrades from many of the analysts. that is something else that we have been watching. back to you. connell: thank you. dagen: at the fb i digging up 20 hacking cases over the last year that have the same fingerprints on them as target. connell: more of the same kind of attacks are on the way. the concern over the security overpaymen
Jan 3, 2014 7:00am PST
, house majority leader eric cantor says it would require cyber security breaches involving to be disclosed to the public. and a spokesman for the centers for medicare and medicaid services points out that there haven't been any successful attacks on the health website and that privacy and security are a top priority. and a spokesman for nancy pelosi says it is clear republicans want to continue to undermine the president's signature achievement. i'm joined now here in studio my congressman jim himes. welcome, sir. i'm glad you made it safe. but your reaction to this bill that is scheduled for a vote next week. is this something democrats can support, adding more accountability to the health care website. >> i need to take a look at what the bill actually says. this is one of two things, either yet the latest installment in the republican attempt to scare people about the affordable care act. despite the fact that we have ten million americans with coverage that didn't have it before through the various mechanisms, it's either another attempt to scare them or maybe it's
Jan 3, 2014 3:00pm PST
. >> thanks. happy new year. >> happy new year, congresswoman and karen. congresswoman, eric cantor says we need reliable enrollment data. why are they so desperate to ignore the real numbers? >> they're making a huge miscalculation themselves if they think going after obama care is a good idea now. and let me add another 3 million people to those numbers. this is reliable. those are the young people who are on their parents' policies due to obamacare. so that adds up to 9 million more americans who have health care. who won't be excluded because of pre-existing conditions, who aren't subject to lifetime or annual caps, women who won't be discriminated against. this is a great time for america. >> you know, karen, president obama's grassroots group organizing for america is collecting stories of people who have benefitted from obamacare. listen to this. >> saving me $1500 a month. so it's hard to imagine how significant the affordable care act is in my life. >> to be able to go to those doctors and to get a yearly physical and maybe talk to a doctor that i haven't talked to in a really long
Jan 7, 2014 6:00am PST
and eric cantor will both give speeches on poverty. rand paul has put his emphasis on the poor. sharing his thoughts on thursday. rubio previewed his speech. >> isn't it time to declare big government's war on poverty a failure? what our nation needs say real agenda that helps people acquire the skills they need, to lift themselves out of poverty and to pursue the american dream. >> nbc news senior political editor mark myrrh is here with this morning's "first read." this is a fascinating issue, mark. it's obviously something that a lot of important people within the republican ranks are working on, marco rubio, eric cantor. democrats say bring it on. we love to have these fights because we think we'll always come out on top. a lot of republicans are channeling reagan here. how much strategy is just sort of, okay, play some defense, put up a wall and try to protect ourselves from these massive attacks when it comes to this issue in the next ten months. >> not only are some of these republicans trying to channel ronald reagan, but jack kemp, who made poverty and talking about it from the con
Jan 3, 2014 6:00pm EST
eric cantor will schedule debates at the government should have to notify individuals if their personal information on is compromised. these battles, some claim, are counterproductive, citing the government shutdown. congressman van hollen on news talk. errand. a fools it would be one thing if it only hurt the people who are engaged in that fools errand. unfortunately it hurt the country. >> another complaint from 11 attorney generals, including the one from virginia. while in favor of the law, they say it is for congress to declare illegal. >> the president and the congress -- both of whom are violating this law, as do live by the law that everybody else does. that does not seem like too much to ask him up quite frankly. >> it turns out there is no quick and easy way to update coverage when you have significant life changes like the birth of a baby, marriage, divorce, new jobs, new income. these are changes that will be postponed. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> thank you. coming up, the obama administration wants to make it harder for mentally ill people to get guns. we wi
Jan 22, 2014 4:00am EST
of roe versus wade. will addressers the rally, including eric cantor. mall and begins at the around 1:00 p.m., the activists will march to the supreme court. >> bob mcdonnell and his wife will be arraigned in federal court for a giftgiving scandal. they were accused of accepting gifts from jonnie williams, in exchange for promoting a company. he insisted that he did not break the law. someone who has been falsely and wrongly accused in his public service. i have been wrongfully attacked. both mcdonnell and the former first lady were charged with 14 felony accounts -- counts. mayor rob ford, how we have missed you. was caught doing in a mcdonald's and why people are not just talking about what he said but, how he said it. >> quacks and, we are on storm watch this morning. you are looking live at the d.c. area. car very slowly. roads hearing the primary in most places have been cleared and the secondary roads can be dicey. it is very cold out. we know there is ice on the roads. i could see all those puddles that were frozen over. >> right. you know, the colder temperatures are less affe
FOX Business
Jan 22, 2014 7:00pm EST
look up to someone like wendy davis. lou: the democrats are manufacturing this war we see eric cantor charging ahead with the march for life from pro-life i do not understand why the republican leadership is so far out on the issue of abortion if it has been decided fly with the supreme court it is a matter of conscience or religious beliefs and individual choice what is the profit for the party to get involved? >> but who is more conservative? let's kill each other to say where we are divided. the social issues they do it for fund-raising because they are scared. but that goes back to eating your own. clinton republicans get united around one common message about the economy and culture we are just give the liberals and to the media their tanks are full bier just giving them extra gas to right a few more stories. lou: almost as if they were vultures waiting for the republican and leadership stars to talk about abortion cranking up the of war on women rhetoric and campaigned. >> they want to the republicans to take the bait and they should be smarter to not take the bait. lou: baby co
Jan 22, 2014 6:00pm PST
reconoci el derecho a la interrupcin voluntaria al embarazo. s/eric cantor el republicano eric cantor asegur esta tarde a los manifestantes que la cmara baja votara la prxima semana sobre una medida que prohibira que fondos federales se usen para abortos. y desde roma el papa francisco comunic sus oraciones por la marcha y la causa a travs de twitter. randy serrano @randytelemun do pero no solo fueron aquellos en contra del aborto sino grupos a favor de la interrupción al embarazo los que salieron a mandar su mensaje hoy día. ambos grupos lado a lado al pie de la corte suprema. algunos no pudieron contener sus pasiones. s/abby dunn "es importante dar a todas las mujeres en estados unidos el derecho de planea cmo es su familia y cuando quieren tener o no tener hijos". el tema del aborto y los anticonceptivos es uno candente que sigue dando de qu hablar. este mes la corte suprema bloque temporalment e una clusula de la nueva ley de salud que requiere que algunas organizacione s con afiliacin religiosa ofrezcan mtodos anticonceptiv os a sus empleados como parte de su cobertura mdica. r
Jan 23, 2014 12:00am EST
in the united states. at the annual march for life rally on the national mall, house majority leader eric cantor announced plans to vote on legislation and in federal funding of all abortions actually. this event is just over an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >[applause] we are going to kick off this rally with matt marr. [applause] if you know it, sing it with me ♪ it don't have a job ♪ ♪ it don't pay your bills ♪ home on't buy you a capitol hill ♪ ♪ won't fix your life ♪ ♪ in five easy steps ♪ ♪ ♪ all together, make us a shelter to weather the storm ♪ it is waiting for you, knocking at your door ♪ of truth when your heart hits the floor ♪ ♪ love will hold us together ♪ make us a shelter to weather the storm ♪ i will be my brothers keeper so the whole world will know that we are not alone ♪ ♪ this is the first day of the rest of your life ♪ ♪ this is the first day of the rest of your life ♪ ♪ cause even in the dark, you can still see the light ♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ oh, gonna be all right ♪ ♪ this is the first day of the rest of your
Jan 3, 2014 2:00pm PST
leader, eric cantor, has sent a memo to house republicans, laying out their legislative agenda for the month of january. unemployment insurance is not included in this memo. but i tell you, you cut a deal with the republicans and they're not going to bring it to the floor. it's not on their agenda. majority leader in the senate, harry reid, said the senate will vote on monday on a three-month extension of unemployment benefits. that's good news. the bill is expected to pass in the senate. but, of course, the leader isn't holding out any hope for what could happen in the house. he said i don't predict anything in the house. and after he reads this memo, he will back that up. he described the chamber in the house as a black hole of legislation. now, a lot of house republicans are opposed to the unemployment extension. philosophically, they're not there. house speaker, john boehner, said he might bring it up for a vote. if the cuts are made elsewhere. >> when the white house finally called me last friday, about extending unemployment benefits, i said that we would clearly consider
Jan 22, 2014 12:00pm EST
to introduce them. course, eric cantor from virginia, the house majority leader. we also have representative chris smith of new jersey. representative vicky hartzler of missouri, keith ross lists of pennsylvania -- rosslest, randy harris of maryland, mike kelly in pennsylvania, representative robert the danger of north carolina, congressman , bobwinn struck of ohio ohio, and representative and wagner from missouri. -- ann wagner from missouri. remarks, i am very happy to introduce congressman chris smith of new jersey, cochair of the i partisan congressional pro-life. --has been cochair or over co-chair for over a quarter of a century. please join me in welcoming mr. chris smith of new jersey. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you for joining this extraordinary march and magnificent celebration of god's gift of life. a big commitment to defending and protecting women and children from the violence of abortion. despite the fact that president obama is using self and course of power of the state to promote abortion violence, the pro-life andment is alive and well making serious and sig
Jan 12, 2014 10:00am EST
the majority of the house. i also urge republicans if they do not agree with that, i urge mr. eric cantor to put one of on the floor. we would probably vote against them. if that is their alternative, that we think they ought to move forward on them. or for that matter put the house homeland security bill on the floor. most of us would be and can -- inclined to support that bill. indicated is that he does not want any of the bills to be used as a conferencing device this week. that is unfortunate. hopefully speaker boehner is looking for ways to move his caucus forward on this issue. >> a shift to appropriations. you bought yourself some time last month with the budget deal. now you're moving on the deadline and it does not look like you will meet it. it is more likely that you will do a cr. is there a length of time that you are going to be adamant about? is there a price tag you're looking for? crmy understanding is that a would be a very short-term cr. just a few days. that depends on how close the appropriators are to getting in - the this -- and on the this - an omnibus bill agreed o
Jan 12, 2014 5:48pm EST
if they do not agree with that, i urge mr. eric cantor to put one of the four bills on the floor. we would probably vote against them. if that is their alternative, that we think they ought to move forward on them. or for that matter put the house homeland security bill on the floor. most of us would be and can -- inclined to support that bill. what he has indicated is that he
Jan 10, 2014 7:30pm PST
're expecting to run but it is not john boehner or the hairman of the republican party. gwen: eric cantor a little bit, right? he does have leadership positions but there is not a consensus in the republican arty that they need to get behind it. in fact, i would argue that among a lot of parts of the there is more y of a war on the poor than on demonizing you are people who need government assistance. you see that in the unemployment benefits, in the debate over food stamps and minimum wage about pullot of talk yourself up by the bootstraps, we don't want to encourage a dependency. so, there is definitely a wide opinions. >> away don't hear the word -- the word poverty like gwen said. there was the compassionate actively but it is bike a bipartisan ked of silence. what do turn i couldn't tell tell us -- what do us?nout numbers tell >> poor people vote in smaller numbers and that is one reason addressed.are not if you look at turnout from the there are dozens of percentage points that separate folks making under $40,000 and those making six figure salaries. you know, these campaigns are f
Jan 22, 2014 12:00pm EST
versus wade decision. several people including house ajority leader eric cantor, doctor from focus on the family are expected to speak. the march for life president said in a statement the goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding adoption for pregnant women who find themselves in a difficult situation. people we talked to say even with the cold, they had to be here. >> you see so much going on in this world today. to celebrate innocent life and the unborn -- it is very important. >> there are plenty of people who are out there willing to adopt and who would love to have a child and cannot have one on their own. so adoption is a great option. >> now, after the event concludes on the national mall, they are expected to begin the march down from constitution to the supreme court. we will have much more than that on abc 7 at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. thank you. disturbing news of a deadly crash in colorado. a warning, the video may not be appropriate for all viewers. five a different security cameras show the private jet trying to land on from her a six. he p
of the house eric cantor. he spoke at the brookings institution recently about the house passed student success act, changing the no child left behind act, although that has yet to be taken up by the senate . this is about 50 minutes. >> good afternoon. hank you for joining us. we are in the middle of a tropical heat wave compared to yesterday, come so it is good of you to come out here to be with us today. nine i am russ whitehurst, the director of the brown center on education policy here at brookings. so the drill for today is i will talk to you a little bit about the report that we really's, copies which were available released, that we copies which were available outside. you'll see come if you would like to tweet about the event, you will see the #'s -- of the hashtags on the screen. i have been thinking about what america leads the world in and it leads the world in many things. but one of the areas we don't think much about, which is very relevant to our topic today, co. is that we undeniably lead the world in shopping. think about it. , travelocity, yelp, opentable -- i can go on and o
FOX News
Jan 4, 2014 4:00pm PST
for prime time. >> it is interesting, house majority leader eric cantor plans to push forward the bill and wants to see it for a vote on security. he said that there should be more security requirements for if a breach occurs it shouldn't be up to the bureaucrat of when and whether to inform an individual that personal information is accessed: >> so far there is no evidence that eric cantor is in the house. we talked about this last week. target had to inform the customers there was a security breach. doesn't have to. frankly, frightening to americans because failed the security test twice. >> it is 2014 and like dejavu all over again. the issues are hanging out and more and more people signing o. let's talk about that. so the white house, i thought was part of the suggestion that 7 million people would need to be enrolled in the deadline in march to fund the whole thing and now they are walking back that number, why? >> because it is embarrassing and they will not hit it. you know, the congressional budget office came up with the 7 million
Jan 4, 2014 4:00am PST
their unemployment benefits. >>> meantime, eric cantor sent a memo to colleagues. unemployment benefits are not on that list. and rand paul is filing a lawsuit against the obama administration over the nsa data collection. >> we now have several hundred thousand people who want to be part of the suit to say, no, you can't have our records without our permission or warrant specific to an individual. it is an individual class-action suit. we think everybody in america has a cell phone would be available for the class-action suit. >>> janet napolitano is sharing her take on recent calls to give edward snowden clemency. she spoke to "meet the press" moderator david gregory. >> if we're concerned about other documents, other materials he has, should clemency for him be on the table if it meant securing some of this other information? >> well, i think that would acknowledge more knowledge of what he allegedly has. from where i sit today i would not put clemency on the table at all. >> you can watch tomorrow on "meet the press". >>> russian president vladimir putin is in sochi today. security
Jan 26, 2014 10:00pm EST
retreat next week. there is an abortion bill coming to the house that was mentioned by eric cantor. what is this all about? >> this is an event you watched all day. he said there will be an abortion vote next week. they have a bill that changes a lot over every year. is is no federal funds can be used for abortion. this shows up on the spending bill for the health and human services department. it had some obamacare language. obamacare says if you qualify for a certain federal subsidies to buy health insurance you will not get the subsidies. or rather you get those subsidies. under the bill up next week, you won't get those subsidies. that is one of the ways republicans are continuing to attack obamacare. >> could this be a little bit dicey? it is coming up as a suspension bill. >> i do not think it is clear. it had about 16 democrats that went with republicans. they probably cannot pass as a suspension. it will probably fail. it should pass easily if he becomes a normal bill and they need a simple majority. >> you write about likely action in the senate looking to delay key provisions o
Jan 28, 2014 10:00am EST
side of the aisle. we talk to eric cantor when we were in switzerland. let's plan excerpt of this conversation. -- what the position of what cantor is taking. >> i have always said this. any kind of immigration reform has got to be first, the implementation of law at the border, the implementation of the laws at the interior. i am a huge advocate for our kids act. if you have kids brought to our country by their parents unbeknownst to them, how in the world can you turn your back on them? at least we out to be start -- able to start their. >> that was house majority leader of eric cantor on friday in switzerland. didone thing that cantor not say there, but he kind of said as we pushed him for more on immigration is this idea that maybe republicans are not prepared to give illegal immigrants citizenship, but they might be prepared to give them some kind of noncitizen ship status. -- non-citizenship status. >> that is a fascinating question. that is the fault line in this whole debate. republicans will give it to kids. the so-called dreamers. and obama will not accept someth
Jan 17, 2014 12:00pm PST
about other conservatives, including eric cantor who we know has a little more power in getting things moved on the house side. do you think that we'll see a little bit more movement in the house for republicans on this? >> there is a sense. you made a good point in that eric cantor is obviously a key republican here. and he's said to be pretty open-minded on this issue. if you can get cantor on board, that'll give cover to others to hop on board, as well. a little bit too early to uncork the champagne just yet, but i think there are encouraging signs. >> well, and blake, to get back to your pessimism, there are going to be a significant number of republicans who are opposed to this, particularly in states where they are going to face increased scrutiny, places like texas. but i'm just thinking through the messaging of this. what do you think the opposition is going to say about why this is not good? it seems like being opposed to protecting voters against discrimination, being opposed to re-upping the voting rights act doesn't seem like a very popular stance to take. what do you think
Jan 7, 2014 3:00pm PST
, majority leader eric cantor, and congressman paul ryan. and what do they all have in common? none of them demanded offsetting cuts. so what is the excuse? they don't have one. it's a heartless ideology that puts politics ahead of people. and that's why president obama and democrats are ready to fight for fairness. bringing the heat in the dead of winter. joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott, democrat of washington, and msnbc's abbey huntsman. thank you for being here. >> thanks, rev. >>. >> congressman, let me good to you first. speaker boehner wants to offset the cost of unemployment aid, even though he voted for bush policies without any spending cuts. what's your response? >> well, you don't expect him to be honest and even handed. this is about an attack on the poor. now one of the myths, al, that they're operating under is they say people sit at home and don't go out and look for a job. but in the last five years, the number of college graduates who are working for minimum wage jobs has doubled. that means that people who went to college and did everything right, lost their jo
Jan 28, 2014 8:00am EST
got marco rubio out there with eric cantor and paul ryan. are there spots you see right where there is bipartisanship? there is broad agreement that there is a problem. the solutions may differ. the president is talking about how we can grow government and how we can increase government intervention to address inequality. republicans are thinking more about how we can let states and let the marketplace come to close the some of the inequality. there are some things the government must do to ensure that. the prescriptions are different so i don't see a lot of common ground. >> what about common ground on immigration? do you think there is hope for that? >> i hope so. the president will talk tonight about that and republicans have unique opportunity to do something and immigration reform. i understand the majority whip kevin mccarthy and john and will be releasing immigration principles soon. i think that is good news and republicans need to act on this issue especially they think towards 2016. >> they have said before that they don't want immigration reform without some sort of
Jan 23, 2014 9:00am PST
, let me start with you. here's republican house leader eric cantor. >> i'm also proud to announce that next week the house will vote once and for all to end taxpayer funding for abortions. >> so the bill that he's referring to there would prevent women from getting abortion services under the new health care system. he knows it's not going to pass. he knows that the president is not going to sign it. is this just another example of silly political posturing, pandering even? >> that was an example of him standing out there with the will of the people. i was at that rally yesterday, it was freezing cold. there were tens and thousands of people out there. as cold as it was, it was heart warming to see families and parents come together for a life movement. that was a pro-life rally. the key to having republicans be there is to show our support for life and that's key to overwhelming will of the people. this country is for life. while the democratic platform is to support killing babies whether they can -- >> alice, you didn't answer my question. >> republicans look at it from the sta
Jan 30, 2014 8:00am PST
majority leader eric cantor spoke a short time ago. >> the president did say the other night, he said, look, in america it's always been if you work hard and you're responsible, you get ahead. well, we agree, we republicans have been talking about that for years and years, and so we want the president to work with us to try and solve that. >> the president keeps asking republicans to bring him their plans. they say they are, so where is the dissecond? is it not the plans he wants? snow not the content? what is it. >> first i think you need to read the fine print and look at the budget proposals that cut all these programs and maybe it difficult to have any partnership. so i think you really need to take a look at what they're doing in the budget, because the budget speaks to the priorities of this country. what they have done as far as trying to restrict the protections of federal participation. >> as you know "the washington post" is reporting that republicans are reaching out directly to the middle class as a way to almost undercut the president. for example, you have eric cantor, pushing
Jan 6, 2014 7:00am PST
that he was able to beat mitt romney. then you have the republican agenda outlined by eric cantor, focuses on attacking obama care, government funding, iran, conference reports, regulation reform. does that contrast help the president? >> i think it does help the president here, but let me go back, because i think this is important something you put up on the screen a couple minutes ago and that was the correlation between bill clinton and ronald reagan and president obama and george w. bush. the difference is, with ronald reagan and bill clinton, you had great communicators, people that connected with the audience, people that were very, very comfortable speaking in front of the american people, even with bill clinton, who had a republican controlled congress, similar to president obama. even with bill clinton, who had an obstructionist, if you want to make that argument, backlog with this president. what obama does not have, unfortunately, is a connectivity with american people. i think we saw that with obamacare, with the rollout, a lot of americans said wait a minute here, this doesn't
Jan 8, 2014 3:00pm PST
at some of the structural issues. it's wonderful eric cantor says schools are needed. that's the case. but then he done want to provide funding for schools. people need jobs, we need to raise the minimum wage, we need to extend one employment, there are specific things we need to do to lift people out of poverty. it's not rocket science. >> you know, maria, "the washington post" obtained a memo that house republican leaders sent to rank-and-file members. it tells lawmakers to be emphatic towards the unemployed. i want says be empathetic towards the unemployed and to be that for every american out of work it's a personal crisis. this was -- you know kind of like the gentle but firm. but just today senator marco rubio mocked the president's plan to raise the minimum wage. listen to this. >> really? this is their solution to what the president has called the defining issue of our time. raising the minimum wage may poll well but having a job that pays $10 an hour is not the american dream. >> i mean, so on one level, you know, stand by your god be emphatic, be empathic, make sure it's a p
Jan 24, 2014 6:00am EST
and joe kernen. we have a huge lineup for you today including the ceos of ubs. eric cantor just came from a panel, right? >> and glenn hutchins. >> and we have two contenders for the top 25. and we caught up with bono and the george soros. we'll hear from this em in a moment. but first, to today's top stories. >>> microsoft posting better-than-expected earnings after the close. the results were helped by strong sales and software for services and businesses and a solid holiday season for its new xbox game console and surface tablet. also, a slightly lower tax bill helped out, too. no word from the company on its ceo search just yet. >> starbucks is boosting its forecast despite slower growth. same-store sales cooled more than expected at online shopping kept consumers at home. >>> and a boeing executive says the reliability of the 787 dreamliner is slowly improving, but it is still not at satisfactory levels. boeing's vice president to services adds that the firm is working to improve the performance. the dream liner's reliability rate is now at about 98%. and that means two out of every
Jan 24, 2014 12:00pm EST
majority leader eric cantor discussed what leaders there are expecting from washington, d.c. >> can america get its fiscal situation straight? we know we've got to do something about the fiscal situation. the democrats six days the demographics on the health care structure is you have to change the entitlements. >> is it realistic to do that? >> administration demonstrated that a want to do that. >> what is your game plan? >> we all want to grow the economy. we grow it and that means more jobs and upward mobility. there are things that we have in common with the president like skills. he has talked about the need to close the opportunity gap. we passed the skills act. that is something he should embrace. there are plenty of things we can work on together like regulatory relief. we are asking for some cost- benefit analysis and the way that washington promulgates regulations. that is a good thing for growth. >> house speakerjohn behner talked bipartisanship. >> speaker of the house, john boehner. [applause] >> this gop infighting, is this the worst you have ever seen it? >>no, maybe it is.
Jan 11, 2014 1:00pm EST
devoted his life to pursuing security for the israeli people. ariel --ority leader eric cantor calling sharon a giant of a leader of israel, a skilled warrior in battle and a valued friend of our nation. another tweets -- my condolences to the people of israel on the loss of a great letters -- a leader. democratic senator tom carper said -- ariel sharon spent his life working for peace -- may he rest in peace now. with arieldown sharon back in 1989. he was a guest on our series "look notes," were he talked about his autobiography "warrior." that is next in his little over an hour. pre happiness,s, victories, defeats. it was a long story, a long struggle. looking forward, one can some of the influence israel should provide over the .eople of the future >> one of the most interesting things i learned when i looked through your book is that you were born and raised in israel. how may people that live there today that are involved in government are actually born there? generally three point 8 million people in israel, i believe it is about maybe 2 million immigrated to israel, and the rest
Jan 11, 2014 7:00am PST
majority leader eric cantor took a swiek at a surprising tar get, new york city mayor bill de blasio. cantor gave a speech on monday. he singled out de blasio for his campaign promises to begin charging new york charter schools rent for sharing city owned space with public schools. cantor claimed that to charge rent in the new york real estate market would shut down charter schools around the city. >> just think, how many families are going to be harmed. how many families are going to have their choice taken away if mayor de blasio pursues these policies. mayor de blasio should abandon this idea and should allow instead new york city's charter schools to flourish. >> mr. cantor also warned that the house committees will remain vigilant on the issue. mayor de blasio was quick to answer back telling reporter i don't typically look for advice from mayor cantor. joining us from class size matters which last year sued the city of new york to stop charter school koloco-locations. what was the suit? >> what we found is there is no issue more contentious than the issue of
Jan 3, 2014 2:00am PST
to get home to her dogs and, oh, yeah, her husband, too. house majority leader, eric cantor says the house will vote on a bill about the health care website and potential security breaches. a spokesman for the group responsible for say there have been no attacks. nancy pelosi responded saying the republicans effort extends to caring constituents from obtaining coverage. >>> a new twist in the contraceptive case before the supreme court. it's not clear if the group has a case. the government says they have no enforcement power of the hospital employees of the little sisters of the poor and could not charge any fines. >>> a spokesman says florida congressman will return to work on capitol hill next week for the first time since he was charged with possession of cocaine in october. >>> former american idol, clay aiken is considering a run for congress from north carolina according to democratic sources quoted by the washington blade. aiken has met with political operatives about a campaign. >>> an undocumented immigrant will be able to practice law after a ruling by t
Jan 8, 2014 6:00pm PST
migratorio del pas. =vo= ---de acuerdo con los legisladores, en una reunin privada "john boehner" y "eric cantor" seÑalaron que una de sus prioridades para el 2014 es la de "reescribir" la reforma migratoria. ---boehner agreg que plantea revelar una serie de principios y directrices en las prximas semanas antes de traer a la cmara algn proyecto de ley con respecto al tema de inmigracin. blanca ---en otro orden de ideas. ---aumenta la fiebre por los 49ers ahora que... take vo ...el equipo se dispone a disputar su segundo partido de postemporada ante las panteras de carolina. ---en las tiendas donde se venden articulos del equipo de la bahia, las ventas se han disparado. ---el "jerseys" mas vendidos son es el del mariscal de campo "colin kaepernick" y por supuesto si no es el de llevan el de otro de los corredores estrellas. topvo cesar ---y como ya se ha hecho costumbre en los juegos de "playoffs" los alcaldes de las ciudades cuyos equipos se efrentan han hecho sus apuestas... ---el alcalde de san francisco, ed lee y el alcalde de charlotte, patrick cannon, se han comprometido a
Jan 8, 2014 11:00pm PST
reunin privada "john boehner" y "eric cantor" seÑalaron que una de sus prioridades para el 2014 es la de "reescribir" la reforma migratoria. ---boehner agreg que plantea revelar una serie de principios y directrices en las prximas semanas antes de traer a la cmara algn proyecto de ley con respecto al tema de inmigracin. cesar ---un hospital de la bahia efectuara recorte de personal y cerrara dos de sus instalaciones.. . take vo ---el departamento de desarrollo de empleo del estado confirmo que "alta bates summit medical center" despedira a 358 empleados a tiempo completo y parcial este viernes... ---los despedidos trabajan en los hospitales de oakland y berkeley... ---los centros que seran cerrados son los de enfermeria y de infusiones en oakland. take vo - blanca ---unos 2 mil 500 empleados de "macy's" tambien perdern su empleo. ---el recorte se debe a una "reestructuracin con la que la cadena de tiendas planea ahorrar unos 100 millones de dlares anuales. ---"macy's" agreg que tambin 100 millones de dlares anuales. ---"macy's" agreg que tambin realizar otros cambios incluyendo la reasig
Jan 8, 2014 7:00am PST
for his birthday. >>> looks like eric cantor is getting a tea party challenger. an economics professor named eric brat wants to meet eric cant cantor's term limit. >>> congressman trey radel is back on the hill and back to work, pledging to restore honor to his office. he's meeting with speaker boehner and asking colleagues for support and "the tampa bay times" reports he's going to get his first challenger, who lost to radel back in 2012. >>> when you tune into figure skating or downhill skiing at the olympics, you could catch an add for obamacare. hhs told politico they bought ad time during the games in houston, dallas, tampa, and miami. the commercials, aimed at young people. >>> and michelle obama is apparently getting some of oprah's hawaiian neighbors a little hot under the collar. tmz reporting the first lady is crashing at oprah's hawaiian compound and so security has been a bit of a nightmare, closing roads and even some local hiking trails. >>> that's going to wrap up this hour of "jansing and co.," i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. welcome back, thomas. >> thank
Jan 24, 2014 4:00am EST
. >> announcer: this is a special presentation of southbound b, a big lineup of banking giant ubs, eric cantor and sir richard branson. everyone is squawking davos and it all begins right now. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. we are live in davos, switzerland, for the final day at the world economic forum. i'm becky quick along with andrew ross sorkin and joe kernen. we have a huge lineup for you today including the ceos of ubs. eric cantor just came from a panel, right? >> and glenn hutchins. >> and we have two contenders for the top 25. and we caught up with bono and the george soros. we'll hear from this em in a moment. but first, to today's top stories. >>> microsoft posting better-than-expected earnings after the close. the results were helped by strong sales and software for services and businesses and a solid holiday season for its new xbox game console and surface tablet. also, a slightly lower tax bill helped out, too. no word from the company on its
Jan 24, 2014 10:00am EST
leaders are gathered. they are not the only people here. politicians have also made the trip. eric cantor is here and the congressman joins us. you and i spoke here last year. i'm curious to know what you learned about the way the europeans and people from other nations view the u.s. right now. >> you have to say our delegation is here focused on talking with foreign leaders and trying toers who are see the best way for their future. at home, we have serious concerns with the lack of job growth. we are trying to learn from others to see the best way forward with education opportunity and the rest. i will say probably most of our meetings with foreign leaders have reflected a desire to see a strong america, especially those in the middle east. i met with the prime minister of israel and egypt, the tunisians, representatives from the ukraine. americanlearly leadership is so important. ith a strong america, becomes a stronger economy at home. that is what we all want. . he gave a conciliatory speech trying to win over foreign investors to do business. do you believe it? is it the right time?
Jan 22, 2014 8:00pm EST
in the house understood peaker boehner and majority leader eric cantor. a majority of the house, as you works to end the iscrimination against baby girls killed by sex selection a, about. the real war on women. ther bill that protects unborn children from excruciating pain. abortionists are victim makers and since 1973 56 million children have been brutally slain, a to the ll that equates entire population of england. n the other hand, the compassionate people in the pro-life movement have for over d, embraced, me oved and deeply cherished both mothers at risk and co-victims post-abortive woman. finally, ladies and gentlemen, to the passage of obama care americans were repeatedly told by president including in a speech to a joint session of quote, s, that, and i under our plan no federal used to fund e abortion. true. that were only under obama care billions of ollars in the forms of tax credits are today buying abortion, subsidizing health in exchanges s throughout the country. like the president's promise you can keen your insurance plan if you like it, the massive abortion in g of obama ca
Jan 25, 2014 12:00am EST
to hear marco rubio, paul ryan, eric cantor, land, and others, taking up difficult issues, sharing republican ideas on how to fight inequity in this country, a problem that has gotten worse under the democrat leadership of this administration. they each have their own approaches. but at the end of the day, expanding opportunity is always the focus. and that is the way we will stand together as republicans. this issue of income inequality is best addressed by ensuring equal opportunity for everyone in this country. the president is now preparing speeches on income inequality. i believe he should give those speeches while standing in front of the mirror. because under his watch, everything has gotten worse. he should talk to himself. because poverty is worse. food stamp dependency is worse. and more people have given up looking for work under barack obama's watch than at any time i can remember. when the federal government tries to equalize outcomes, we are all going to end up equally worse off. but when we make sure people have equal opportunities and education, and a job market, an
Jan 25, 2014 4:00am EST
to the house floor that was mentioned by eric cantor this week's march for life. what's that about? >> he promised this in the event you watched all day on wednesday, the march for life. he said there will be an abortion vote next week and it's a vote we saw before in 2011 they passed a very similar bill that cod fizz current law that changes over every year that says no federal funds can be used for abortion. this is a ride thear shows up on the spending bill. it has some twists this year it has some obamacare language in it. what obamacare does is says if you have a low enough income and qualify for a certain federal subsidies to buy a health insurance plan you won't get those -- rather, you get those subsidies. under the bill of next week you won't get the subsidies if it became law. so that's one of the ways the republicans are continuing to attack. >> could this be dicey in terms of leadership getting the bill passed? >> i'm not aware yet that it's coming as a suspension yet. it passed in the last congress about 16 democrats that we want with republicans. so it probably can't pass as
Jan 23, 2014 1:00pm PST
? >> it didn't die but you now have eric cantor and paul ryan both delivering speeches talking about this issue. it's an important issue for republicans to engage in. what they have to make the case about is this is not just about income mobility and inequality. it's about building skills and productivity so that people can move from those bottom rungs and stay elevated, not by taking from one and giving to the other but by building the skills so they can get better jobs, g employed and own their own businesses. and when president obama, and i'm confident he will in his state of the union, give his remarks and addresses income mobility and disparity, it's important that the republicans kind of remind people of the facts embodied in these two recent studies. and the fact that they think this is a real issue but the answer is not redistribution. the answer is building skills through, yes, better education, better access to education, better access to capital, helping people to build the skills so they can be employed and earn more. >> peter, i want to put up this poll about how americans think th
Jan 12, 2014 4:08pm EST
. president obama released a statement. and house majority leader eric cantor says -- illinois senator mark kirk wade invia twitter -- weighed via twitter. and california congressman adam schiff says -- next, we are going to turn to alaska senator lisa murkowski. she was speaking at the brookings institution about what can be done to bolster u.s. energy exports. she is currently the top republican on the senate energy and national resources committee. this ran about 50 minutes. i am the managing director here. we are delighted that we are joined today by senator murkowski. cashf my favorite johnny songs going up was called "springtime in alaska." is springtime it in alaska, it is 40 below. by that standard, it is downright balmy in washington, d.c. the senator is the top republican on the senate energy committee. territory as the u.s. west of the mississippi. she thinks in large terms about issues like energy in particular, and has a big track record on this issue. today we are here to discuss the implications on the domestic economy, on our national security and our energy sec
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